Have you ever wonder how sky never left alone?Ever after a thunderstorm, a rainbow starts across the sky to crown the zone.Nor sky left alone during the night till the dawn, as moon stays by during it’s darktimes and make its loneliness gone.Sun rise to shine and make it’s dark nights unknown.Even during windy days, sky never left alone,As clouds always tends to form preety things.Which gets a lot of attention to add the wings. When everyone fell in love with the beautiful sky and never ever make it feel like it left behind.



There’s a seed sparkling inside

Changing colours from black to white

Locked safely

Finding ways through days

Through nights

When it called to you,

You should have leaped

Soar through

When the wind passed you by

Stayed put

I knew the wrong things to say

Pride always stay lay

The apocalypse caught the bones

But tell me, how’s I have known?

The more that I try breaking

The more walls I end up building

I let you take my hand

For a dance by the fire

But can’t you see?

My eyes are already lost

In ancient stones and dust

Oh but tell me, how could have known?

I wish i could replace,

All the torn pages

With the autumn leaves

You gave me

And write a story, like i did before

I would put you

In all the right places,

By all the bright faces

Make your fingers touch

The magic they made spells about

But can’t you see?

The rains already put the fire out

Oh, this is not our dawn

But tell me, how could they have known?

Are you embarrassed now?

Turning just like me

Making a castle

Out of ashes

As I watch you push me out

You put the word out

That’s there seed, dead inside

Changing colours, sometimes black

And sometimes white

Buried deeply

Through the days

And the nights



I wonder when I”ll die.

Will it be after I attained all the glory?

All the riches the riches this world has this world had to offer..?

Will it be grown old and happy ..?

Lived life to the fullest and enjoy the fruit of the work i’am sowing ?

Or will be tomorrow..?

Life is too short , death is forever.

We must cling to every breath ,every memory. Because life is happening right now .Not in the future, not in the weekends .

Live life, because tomorrow is only a wish….



प्रीति प्रीति का रोना रोवे,
जाने कितनी मन्नत बोवे !

अस्मा पर लकीरें छापे,

पिया, भाई वही जहां भारत होवे !

His sister thinks about his brother all the time to come back for once and hugg her lil sis…

His wife thinks about his love all the time. She is praying for his safety.

But he is making lines in the sky




I miss you. Can you just come back? Maybe just for a while? Please ,i know, when you were with me , I hated you. I wanted to grow up. And slowly slowly you went away. And harsh things came along. When you were there, evenings were fun , we didn’t know much about sunsets and it’s beauty but we played till sun went home, we thought that the sun also had a home of it’s own like all of us. Evenings meant cycle rides lock and key and returning home all clad in sweat. Icecreams, chocolates meant party. Parks gave us immense happiness. Bruised kneess meant childhood….

And Sunday’s meant playing all day, Harry Potter movies, and barbie movies till afternoon and lunch meant our favorite dish. Childhood used to be fun. But why did we wanna grow up?? Maybe because we thought we could do all that we want when we grow up. How bad I miss my childhood. And summer vacations? This always meant sitting on the flour with chatpapers and sketchpens all around. Back then, coin and chocolates were treasure to hold on and We didn’t know what love was, but life was fun, likee so much fun and not forget monsoons. Making paperboats and putting them on a small puddles of water that gets collected everywhere was joy. Things were easy, little things meant happpinessss and we’re not complicated. I wish i could get my childhood back just for a little while. I miss you childhood…


How can i forget…..

That face those eyes..

That beautiful smile is poetry to my eyes

I can’t help the words.

The emotions that flow like a spring…

Wen i look at her she smiles

Every dammm time

There aren’t words enough nights

Where i don’t misss that heavenly smile…..


Pain was loving you…. 

Pain is when you love someone 

And they don’t love you 

Pain is reaching them the knife,knowing they’re going to stab your heart 

But loving them enough to not care ❤😌

Pain is crying everytime 

You get alone😭😔

Pain is watching them

Happy without you

Pain is being 

Forced to move on

Pain is to love me😪❤💔