How can i forget…..

That face those eyes..

That beautiful smile is poetry to my eyes

I can’t help the words.

The emotions that flow like a spring…

Wen i look at her she smiles

Every dammm time

There aren’t words enough nights

Where i don’t misss that heavenly smile…..



She was like rose

Bright in colour,

Magical odour

But thorns

Were also there,

For her protection

From world that is

So unfair

She is flawed

And flawless

She is art

But clueless..

Love at first sight❤

When you look at her, there is something flutters inside your stomach and you know that heart is trying to say something and when you listen closely, you think it sounds like her name, there is a smile on your face that cannot be explained and the moon doesn’t seem so far and you don’t know when it turned into love ❤

Sad truth……

I’m not looking for you 

Eveyone else seees

Nor the you that pretends 

To be someone you’re not

Nor who he want people 

To see a you that isn’t you

I’m desperately searing 

For you i know

For you i saw

Who admired each star 

For you who could 

Tell me they love me 

Without fear of what other would say….

Pain was loving you…. 

Pain is when you love someone 

And they don’t love you 

Pain is reaching them the knife,knowing they’re going to stab your heart 

But loving them enough to not care ❤😌

Pain is crying everytime 

You get alone😭😔

Pain is watching them

Happy without you

Pain is being 

Forced to move on

Pain is to love me😪❤💔