I fell in love &he broke my heart &its shattered &he look at me like everything like is okay. 

I saw you today. Everything 

Came rushing back in. 

I tried to look happy. 

To pretend that I hadn’t locked myself 

In bathroom &cried over you. 

I tried to pretend that I hadn’t reread

Our old messages more than once.

I tried to pretend that I was still in

Love with you & that was I okay without you

But I think I failed because when you

Smiled at me,that was all it took.


Pain was loving you…. 

Pain is when you love someone 

And they don’t love you 

Pain is reaching them the knife,knowing they’re going to stab your heart 

But loving them enough to not care ❤😌

Pain is crying everytime 

You get alone😭😔

Pain is watching them

Happy without you

Pain is being 

Forced to move on

Pain is to love me😪❤💔

I feel like my friends don’t really wanna be my friends and not liking me…

I  was candle, wrapped 

Still in plastic, untouched 

But your hands had to slowly 

Unwind it from me, taking my protection.

It felt nice to be able to breathe 

Without fogging clear film up through

But then you set me on fire and 

For once, I was glowing literally I felt nice. 

I just wish I would have known that once I began burning that the wax would eventually melt away.

Leaving me un-shielded  from everything including you, and shorten me little more each day.

Your hands would have never even got close

Had I have known the damage you would cause .

Betray are always  so painful…. 

Creeping crawling the pain cuts me deep my heart.

They heat they scar but come back
For worse than before

It hurts so bad, I think m finally done

You speak iam sorry I hurt you but you
Aren’t least bit sorry

Screaming, jumping,i try it all everything
To be able to get over

But it doesn’t work
Nothing is working

What do I do